We take safety very seriously. We make sure to always use the proper PPE to protect our employees and to also protect the people around them. We always inspect our equipment and make sure that we are not causing any hazards that could potentially harm anyone. All of our equipment is cordless, which is useful for efficiently but not only that, it avoids adding any additional tripping hazards that may be found in a construction work area. 

Wagner 4.0

We use Wagner products because they provide the most accurate readings. The Wagner 4.0 is a sensor that is roughly 1.5" long and 3/4" in diameter. This is the sensor with the infamous orange cap. Wagner requires us to drill 20 to 40% into to the concrete slab to install this sensor. We use cordless and dustless equipment with the use of vacuums that have HEPA filters. After the installation is complete we then return 72 hours later to record the readings.


We want to be there for you. We like being on time and prepared. We can guarantee you will have your final report within the following 24 hours from when we get the test results. We work with you. If you need a certain area results first? No problem. We will gladly work with you in the best way to make your business maintain circulation. The last we would want to do is slow you down.


Our employees have been certified to be knowledgeable and understand what moisture is capable of in concrete. We understand the importance of the matter. We only hope to be a source that can provide you peace of mind. The ICRI certification also trained our technicians to properly install the WAGNER 4.0 sensor as well as the calcium chloride box test. Our technicians are well qualified to do the job and if there is a work area that requires OSHA 30, no problem. All of our on floor technicians are OSHA 30 certified.

How we got started

Flooring and concrete in general has been in the family for a long time. We decided to make this company because we believe it is providing an important service that can help create better environments. With our experience and knowledge we decided to take it a step further and begin specializing in moisture testing.